Classroom Review: Essex County by Jeff Lemire

Hi Mr Ronell Whitaker, it is really wonderful to write an article according to research and on what I believe and then read your awesome blog to see what you are already doing, you are doing great work!


Susan Marais from Reading Savvy

The Comic Book Teacher


Graphic novels. Sequential literature. Graphic narratives (which sound a little unsavory).  There seems to be a struggle for legitimacy whenever we talk about comics as literature, and I can understand why. As a teacher who uses comics in the classroom, I still wait for the resistance whenever I inform parents that their child will be reading…Spider-Man in my class. And when that resistance rears its head, I have to give the speech about how comics are great for teaching multiple literacies, and they aren’t just for kids anymore (which probably hasn’t been the case since the 60’s), and they truly are well written works of literature. I don’t know if parents are convinced by my arguments so much as they are won over by my enthusiasm and conviction. In most of their minds, comics are still just kids stuff.

Before reading Jeff Lemire’Essex County, I was content with…

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