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At what stage does the natural developmental pattern of the learn-to-read process starts?

At what stage does the natural developmental pattern of the learn-to-read process starts?

Firstly one needs to define reading ability or reading skills. To be proficient in reading a learner must in short be able to recognize and analyze letter sounds and words. Further a learner must be able to link and read words together as sentences with comprehension and fluency (Hill & Launder, 2010:241).

Early literacy or emergent literacy refers to a period in a child’s life from birth until he/she can read and write conventionally. Emergent Literacy is based on the view that a child’s development of listening, speaking, reading and writing is interconnected (Morrow et al., 2011: 69; Justice et al., 2003:320).

Literacy development starts at birth and develop through exposure of language at home, school and in the community through real life experiences. The first words from a mother to her newborn through her caring, nursing and nurturing her child is the beginning of language and reading development. The self-made-up rhyming words, nursery rhymes, action rhymes, songs, narratives and stories a mother shares with her child, already forms part of the foundation skills of emergent literacy.


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